Version 1.0.9 0.04MB

Mbrfix 1.0.9

Rated 5/5

Mit Mbrfix lässt sich der Master Boot Record(MBR) auf Festplatten reparieren oder erstellen. Unterstützte Kommandos: display drive information, drive size in MB as return value, display partition information, save MBR and partitions to file, restore MBR and partitions from file, update MBR code to W2K/XP/2003, delete partitions in MBR, read disk signature from MBR, write disk signature from MBR, generate disk signature in MBR, read state from byte 0x1b0 in MBR, write state to byte 0x1b0 in MBR, get volume information for partition.

Version 1.0.9 0.04MB

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