Version 3.5b 0.64MB

SocketWatch 3.5b

Rated 5/5

Smart server search:
SocketWatch will go through its list of 185 public access time servers and find the one that
will give you the quickest and most accurate time synchronization.
SocketWatch will keep a status of all these time servers, and at any given time, will use the one with the best performance for your location. SocketWatch also accesses a number of servers at any given time, and uses the one with the best response. This makes it nearly impossible for a downed
or busy server to affect the performance of SocketWatch.

Smart network connection detector:
If you are running SocketWatch on a laptop, there is no more need to change settings when going from one type of Internet connection to the other, from office to home to a WiFi hotspot. Use a modem, DSL, or connect via a LAN, or WiFi; SocketWatch will detect your connection and synchronize your time as soon as you connect.

Wrist-watch synchronizer:
Using audio-visual cues, assists you to synchronize your "plain old" watches and clocks to the exact

Version 3.5b 0.64MB

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