QR Code Generator (english)

Rated 5/5

QR Code Generator allows you to create a variety of Dynamic and Static QR Codes, from vCard and Email to Social Media and Video QR Codes. Reach a larger audience by implementing nifty custom Codes, whether for personal use or business, and make a great first impression while promoting brand loyalty.


Try out QR Code Generator’s full potential with a 14-day free trial. But that’s not all. Here are just a few (among many more) benefits you’ll enjoy:


As unique as your brand

Stand out with distinctive colors, add your company logo, and add custom call-to-action frames. Don’t limit yourself to boring black and white codes, unleash your creativity and make your mark: Try out now!


Measure and analyze

Dive into the performance of your QR Codes with accurate statistics at a quick glance. Analyze every scan wherever and whenever it took place; download the data to CSV reports, and easily share them with your team: Try out now!


Organize, edit, download

Create folders to easily categorize and store your QR Codes. Need to edit individual QR Codes or many at once? That’s no hassle with the bulk download option. Make the necessary changes and bulk update all your QR Codes: Try out now!


Activate and deactivate your QR Codes

You can deactivate your QR Codes at any time, for as long as you want. You might want to temporarily pause a campaign and that’s totally fine. Reactivate it in your account settings once it’s ready to go back live: Try out now!


Built-in landing pages

If you don’t own a website, that’s no problem. With QR Code Generator, you can design QR Codes that come with built-in landing pages, designed to grab attention on any device: Try out now!


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