Version 2.0.4 4.12MB

CNET TechTracker 2.0.4

Rated /5

CNET TechTracker is a free application from CNET that helps keep the software on your
computer up-to-date and secure. TechTracker works by scanning your computer and alerting you when updates are available. Keeping software up-to-date is important because updates often contain patches that make your computer more secure and new features that make your software better.

TechTracker leverages the CNET Downloads software catalog–the largest catalog of software in the world–to provide secure, spyware-free software updates. From one easy-to-use interface, you can keep track of all software updates in one place and ensure you are running the latest versions.

Get the latest software updates: Learn whether any of the software installed on your computer is up-to-date. If updates are available, TechTracker lets you download them from a central interface. Get notified as new updates become available.

Customize how often TechTracker looks for updates: Choose between daily, weekly, monthly, and manual scans of your computer to discover whether you are running out-of-date software.

Hide & Skip applications: Hide applications you are not interested in tracking, or skip a version of an application until the next update is available.

Access product information: Your CNET TechTracker home page shows you what software is installed on your machine, and lets you download any available updates from a single interface. View your software update’s file information, installed version, latest version, average user rating, editor’s rating, and other software data.

Version 2.0.4 4.12MB

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